Facility Design

facilityWhile the final design of the LNG facility on Lelu Island is still to be determined, it is envisioned that the initial phase of the facility would include:

  • Two liquefaction plants: A series of process equipment situated in a line (called “trains”) that acts as a large refrigerator to convert natural gas into LNG by chilling it to -162 degrees Celsius.
  • Two LNG storage tanks: Stores LNG at atmospheric pressure prior to being transferred onto LNG carriers.
  • Power plant: Pacific NorthWest LNG proposes to use aero-derivative gas turbines to provide the compression and non-compression power for the facility. KPMG has produced a report reviewing the decision-making process Pacific NorthWest LNG used to identify the preferred power option.
  • Marine infrastructure to connect Lelu Island with our marine terminal, where LNG will be loaded onto specialized LNG carriers for transport.
  • Two-lane bridge: A 250m two-lane bridge linking Port Edward with Lelu Island.
  • Auxiliary buildings: The facility would also include administrative and maintenance buildings to service and oversee the operational aspects of the LNG facility.

The facility is being designed to include the potential for a third LNG train and third LNG storage tank.

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